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100 HP facts | head-canon

George to my Fred.

customer(s) roaming weasley's wizard wheezes.
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100. George Weasley was buried beside Fred Weasley. His tomb stone reads:

"A clever husband,
a witty father,
a charming brother,
a beloved son,
a twin finally reunited.
Mischief managed.”

(Source: we-reidentical)

099. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes grew.

With over 90+ branches world-wide, it is the best thing Fred and George had ever done. In every store, there’s a plaque dedicated tot he life and memory of Fred Gideon Weasley.

But only in the original, expanded store can you find the monument George built. It stands strong, long after his death, and his children’s. WWW went on through the geenrations, and the true fans talk of the twins who brought it to life. Information about it can be found in the pages of Best Wizarding Establishments of All Generations and Wizarding Wheezes: The Founding of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

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098. Harry followed Albus’ advice and pitied the living.

Especially George, the boy who had a wide smile with an echo, once. A man cut from plural to singular. After Fred, he really was holey. He missed him to the point he felt sick. His heart hammered in agony whenever he thought of Fred. He was well and truly missed. And George was never the same. No one dared him to be the old George. Who George had been. He cut his hair short (to peach fuzz; he and Fred had always had the same style and the red and strands just reminded him, even if his entire family shared the trait) and he didn’t give a real smile for years. His lips would twitch, but that wide open mouthed smile from Hogwarts was absent. Laughing felt strange because he had always had Fred to chorus with him, and it too was something he did not do for a long time.

So, of course Harry pitied him. How could he not? Could you look at a man who lost half his soul and not do it?

(Source: we-reidentical)

097. George referred to the Marauder’s Map a lot.

He had always hoped to see footsteps with Fred’s name hover over them. It never happened, but yet he still looked. He could never lose that hope. Not when it was invested in Fred. It was the hope that maybe he’d been pranked (“Good one, Freddie! Never do it again. Please.”) or maybe that Fred came back as a ghost (“Look, Georgie! I’m floaty! HOLEY AND FLOATY!”). And yet…

When Fred II went to Hogwarts, he would get those hopes up easily. All he could see was FRED WEASLEY wandering around. It would all crash down when he saw that ‘II’.

(Source: we-reidentical)

096. Fred II’s tomb stone reads as followed:

"Here lies Fred Weasley the Second,
Who was named for his uncle
To carry on his spirit
A task which he carried out well.”

(Source: we-reidentical)

095. Fred II had a fox named Artemis.

It ate Roxy’s owl. It was the first time he’d ever seen his father laugh to the point of tears in his eyes (despite Roxy & Ang’s disapproval). George turned, saying “Fred, get a load of thi-” then stopped and turned back around to Fred II. “Nice one.” But George wasn’t laughing anymore.

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094. At every Weasley Wedding, there was an empty seat.

It was always for Fred.

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093. George would’ve done anything to keep Fred alive.

In that one moment, when he was frantic and clinging to his brothers for support - he would’ve slaughtered a unicorn for its blood. He would’ve found a phoenix for its tears. And he did attempt to comb the Forbidden Forest for the Ressurection Stone. He would’ve done anything.

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092. George forgot sometimes that he wasn’t the only one missing Fred.

He would see the longing for some crack at him and Hermione together in Ron’s eyes, the expectancy of being called a ponce in Percy’s face, the hopeful look in his mother’s eyes that if George stepped aside - Fred would be there. He learned to live with all this, because they happened a lot more when they looked at him.

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091. There was no love between George & Angelina.

Not at first. They both missed Fred and were looking to fill that Fred shaped hole in the wake of his death. For George, Angelina was what he had loved. She was something of Fred’s that maybe if he had, Fred would be close. To Angelina, George was a physical living memory. They both knew it was unhealthy. When Angelina became pregnant, they married.

(Source: we-reidentical)