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George to my Fred.

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If you’d take a second to read (and maybe reblog?), we’d appreciate it.



I know some of you despise when we ask for money, so I want to reassure you that you are under no obligation to give any, you don’t have to reblog this or like it if you don’t support our cause. We are asking because we are hopeful, nothing more and nothing less.

Now I have a story for you.

My partner and I, we met on June 29th, 2012. We met on Tumblr - or, more specifically, through a mutual friend on tumblr. We met and fell for each other so quickly that by October, she was driving 1800 miles from Texas to California to take me from a less-than-desirable home life and to give us a chance to be together.

You know us as Murphy and Dean, and we know you as kindhearted people and so we dare to tell our story.

I left my family and she risked hers by bringing me here so that we could build a life. And we are, and we’re so happy. So happy, in fact, that we’re trying to have a child. We’ve gone to fertility clinics and the process is underway. If all goes well, the procedure will happen as soon as we can afford it. The success rate is only twenty to twenty five percent, but it’s too late to go back now. We need, in total, $800 at the least for the procedure alone, though the bills and medications will rack up to $1500 or more.

We are perfectly stable in our home- a beautiful home, at that- and have one child from a prior relationship that is comfortable and loved. We can care for this child without fear, and we can do the same for the next if we could only get the process done.

We don’t want to ask for donations, but the process is a lot quicker than we anticipated and our bills and car (which is guzzling gas) make it too tight for us to do this on our own. Any little help is appreciated, even just a reblog or word of mouth. Please don’t feel obligated, we know the economy is tough on everyone. We understand that, so even a reblog is welcome. This is Tumblr - this is where we started, and we’re hoping you can help us even more. We figured if there’s one place that might be sympathetic to our cause, this is it. Donations can be made here. Thank you for anything you may do. 

YO HOLLA TUMBLR ya you folks with the faces behind the screens that are probably wibbling a lip like me because this is beautiful

read, cherish, do the thing. if you can’t do the thing, spread the word.

i have 12000 of you. c’mon guys. help the thing get around <3

wow i really miss this place

So because you work at a pet store (that must mean you love animals) & you love Teen Wolf, would you ever own a pet wolf and name it Derek? I'm genuinely curious!
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I actually have chickens that I all named Derek because they brood

sometimes i remember I have this blog


that got a lot of notes

been awhile

when hp ended i deleted because i couldnt bear it and i remade and like i stumbled upon your url and i remember following you a couple of years ago and then i remembered your headcanons and i just read them and i just finished crying oh god sorry for telling you this but :(
ASKED BY Anonymous

fdghgjhdffg it’s things like this that make me miss being active int he fandom

even though my head canons were THE WORST OH MY GOD

but seriously <3 you’re beautiful and i miss harry potter so much.

i can say, without shame, that sometimes i look at my posters and i burst out sobbing because i just - miss it that much???

hello you're awesome goodbye
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Where did you go? :(
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i get really nervous every time someone gets an idea of me like, “wow, she looks like a good friend” or some shit

but then i’m actually stupidly crazy and angsty and like this is the part where you regret following me or even talking to me im an emotionally manipulating asshole who will fuck with your feelings and then realize they did it like a hundred days after the fact?

like don’t even come near me